Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I know your gone
i see it too
but a small part of me
still loves you

The past is the past
i'm never lokkin back
but you're makin it easy
by the way you act

Cant Be civilized
just tryna be your friend
we promised we would
be friends til the end

The weather changes
and people do too
cuz you're not the same
it's not me its you

So what do i do
I have moved on
i'm tryna do right
but you treat me wrong

You're in love now
happy, so I let you be
she better not do you wrong
or she'll have to deal with me

so no matter what you do
no matter what occurs
Ima b here fa you
jus say the word

But the friend stuff
maybe I took it too far
cuz my feelings got involved
and that aint aint cool at all

its all love though
my feelings anit crushed
just me and you
i have finally given up

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