Thursday, October 29, 2009


"I guess change is good for any of us" - TuPac "I Aint Mad at Ya"

As I am writing this, I am either about to undergo or currently undergoing some changes. Some minor, some major but changes nonetheless. Some of these changes I cant speak on at the moment, but they will come to light sooner rather than later. I am extremely proud on getting an internship with Dr. Judith Green (google her if you don't know), and I cant wait until that begins.

But right now I am focused on one thing: School. Its hard staying focused when the finish line is so far away. That's kinda how I feel about school. I know I want a degree, I know I need a degree, and I know I'll get said degree, but when its paper after paper, assignment after assignment, its hard to think about "hey this is going to add up to a degree" which is nothing but a piece of paper telling an employer you are fit for a certain job. Ugh. The world today. Being the type of person I am, I lack patience. Seeing that I am studying to become a teacher, that might not be the best thing. LOL. But hey, it is what it is. School is teaching me patience.

I hate school. Seriously, its nothing more than I hate than listening to a professor talk to me about boring things i prolly wont remember next semester. Especially my Intro To Lit class. OMG sooo boring. But I know I HAVE to do it. So i suck it up and look at my arm and remember why I am in college in the first place.

Sometimes I wanna do a Kanye (College Dropout). Sometimes I feel like Lil' Jimmy:
"You keep it going man, you keep those books rolling,
You pick up those books your going to read
And not remember and you roll man"

I think life's not fair. It's true life's not fair. But there isnt anything any of us can do about it. Except play the game. And play it to win.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ballon Boy (my take)

Unless you live under a rock, then you are familiar with the balloon boy story. if not please read ( & ( before reading any further.

What follows is strictly my OPINION!!! if you don't like it oh well, its my blog!!! anyways..

I was on twitter ( when i began to take note of the balloon boy story by people posting thoughts on it. So I tuned in to TMZ's streaming live coverage of FOXNEWS. I was very worried and anxious and I was tweeting my thoughts as well. I was worried the boy might be dead because of the helium. Then once the balloon landed, and he didn't immediately crawled out my stomach dropped. I thought he was dead! Then the EMS crew didn't run over to him, I was shocked and baffled. Then when they said he wasn't in there, there was a report that the brother said he might have fell out. Then that was the first time there was doubt in my mind. When they found him safe at home, I thought it was a hoax, but I wasn't sure and I gave the balloon family the benefit of the doubt. But when I watched this ( I knew it was a hoax. This ( further proved what i was thinking. This was a terrible hoax and the family should pay. Terrible terrible.

Million Dollar Baby

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update in My Life (Changes)

Welcome and thanks for reading. (Excuse Me Miss by Jay Z playing in the background). Saturday October 3rd 09 I attended the wonderful Kentucky Collegiate Leadership Conference. I met some wonderful people and networked liked crazy. I shook hands with the owner of a $6 billion company. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed myself. It gave me a renewed sense of what I was doing in my life. I always know what I want to do, but being there just put it back in the front of my head. Needless to say, it was a great experience.

Some of you may know or may not know that I am joining the National Guard. It is a business decision as well as a decision I made to better myself and my family. I want a challenge, and the National Guard will challenge me. Basically it was a no-brainer. Hopefully I can leave in Jan & only miss 1 semester of school and basketball since I am redshirting this year anyway.

Other than that, nothing else has been going on in my life. I'm enjoying my life each day, and gearing up for my future.