Monday, September 8, 2008

poem/song/whatever (july 28th 08 on myspace)

i know i messed up i know i made mistakes
but i promise i can take it all away
together forever is what we used to always say
but forever aint too long cuz it aint today
i miss yo smile yo lips and yo tight hugs
and the way we held each other after we made love
i cant go threw the day without thinking of you
I remenience on the day u used to be my boo
my frens tell me to move on that its over and dun
i tried to but it aint easy or fun
its hurts more cuz u dun moved on wit yo life
and im still stuck thinking bout u day and night
ima fool a sucker for this thing called love
never again will i feel like i felt fa ya
back n the day u was my ace boon coon
my best fren ride or die my number 1 goon
but now we never hang out and we barely even txt
the past is the past i put that shit to rest
now all u gotta do is keep it real and say yes
cuz ya name is forever etched in my chest
wat i gotta do to prove to you that ive changed
its fa the best we aint gotta worry bout the same things
man i miss you wen the phone ring i hope its you
wen i get a text i hope its you too
this love thing it really aint a game
it went in and came out and i aint been the same
im spose to be happy enjoying my life
but without you nuttin seems right
i wanna do right but u playin me to the left
i swear this is how Lauren Hill musta felt
you gimme signs sometimes but maybe im wrong
u never know what u got til its gone
and i didnt know what i had til u dipped
i ran lip but in the end i still tripped
i see u n the club and i try to keep my cool
i dnt go back cuz i cant look at you
dancing wit other people wats at all about
i forgot u single i dnt care thats loose rap
everybody tell me to leave it alone
but wen its true love u cant leave it alone
dey dnt know wat we got i mean what we had
cuz if they did they too would be sad
you my soulmate me and u were meant to be
it was written in the books its our destiny
or maybe im crazy dreamin schemin 2 get u back were u was
i swear never again will i fall n love
its been 3 months 2 weeks and 6 days
i keep on thinking how i let u get away
some days im okay and some days im pissed
how did it end up like this???
all i got is memories of us to help me through
and them notes u wrote me i got them too
i feel like jay z on song cry the 3rd verse
right now it cant get no worse
but it do
im leavin fa college n a few
we need to get it together b4 i leave
somehow someway its a dream
im not a jealous person maybe i am a lil bit
but thats human nature baby dnt trip
please excuse me but remember that time
we spent the night in yo livin room crying
I dnt remeber y but i remember us
jus me and u cryin til the sun came up
we dun bn threw too much 2 throw it all out
when is the right time? i think now
we cant reconnect cuz we never connection
i jus cant wait to feel your affection
i forgot wat your kisses feel like your tender touch
i know wat u thinking y u tryna rush
toma aint promised and today we cant get back
more time for us to spend together know that
i said what i had to say know its on you
dnt keep me waitin any longer wat u gone do?

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  1. that shit was deep man it got me thinking about the person that i love but you right i guess ya got to move....but i guess mi nigga can write lol


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