Monday, September 8, 2008

Foolish (Aug. 26th on myspace)

"Trying to get myself together, Hoping I don't cryWanting to be togetherBut this feeling getting worseOh I never thought I ever feel this hurtNow it's all I feel, it's all I feelSo I'm hoping like hell that it ain't 4realNow it's all I feel, it's all I feelWishing that it ain't but I know that it is2 days ago I felt like a star2 hours ago just lost my heartNow it's all I feel, it's all I feelIt's all I feel, it's all I feel"
Ray J- All I Feel
Well umm feelings. Love. They suck. I can now admit that i am an emotional cripple. And I'm okay with that. After going threw everything I have bn threw wit this person its better that way. No need to mention names I'm sure u all kno who it is. No need to be redundant. I'll mettion them only as BM. Now i was good. Not at first, even i'll admit that. April 8th 2008 is wen it offially ended. I was goin threw it yall. i mean crying myself to sleep er night. and i always said i would cry over nobody damn. i loved that person. still do. will do anything n the world em. around june i bounced back had a little rebound affair {FS}. but that didnt work out. y??? cuz i left them to be wit BM. the BM changed their mind. I'm not ready they said. Fuck. so around july i', jus playin my cards right not lookin jus doin me. den end of july come and i go threw it again. but august rolls around and i think shit n a cpl weeks ima b off to college. and nun of it will matter anymore. august cums and i'm light weight talkin to JV. nuttin major. except JV used to like BM. yea i kno crazy right??? but JV said its the past or watever so i let that shit slide. so i leave for college n JV is at the club and BM confronts JV about me. So i'm like why is BM worried bout wat the fuck im doin??? den BM tells me i still love u and u have my heart n a way i cant explain..and my dumb ass is thinkin well maybe we mite get back together.. den BM drops the bomb...biggest shocker of all...BM talks to FS...i about had a heart attack...silly shit...crazy shit...which is where im at right now...i love BM i really do...but i'm begginning to think their doin this shit on me out yall!!! this is y i say fuck love...i cant do the feelings shit ever im on my bow wow pt 2...
Damn I Just keep thinking about you I mean I wanna move on but I can't move onIt's like you have some kind of hold on me and I don't Know
But Imma go ahead I'm too attached, my heart won't let me fall back I got it bad, that's what you can call that When I see you in the streets, that's the worse for me Used to love the little things you did, that's what works for me
Bow Wow- Outta my System

I cant get it back, butI dont want it back, iRealized that,She dont know how to actNever been a dumb dudeNo im not denseI Just had a slight lackOf common sensePlease dont worry bout me im fine(Please dont worry bout me im fine)Only gonna play the fool one time(Only gonna play the fool one time)Trust me when I sayThat i'll be okGo on girl(Go on girl)Go on girl(Go on girl)Go on girl Ne-Yo- Go On Girl

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