Monday, September 8, 2008

Takin' Off (Aug. 13th 08 on myspace)

Well 2ma im leaving 4 college and this past yr has bn a real eye opener 4 me...Losing frenz, gaining sum, fighting others, damn wat hasn't happened??? The highest of the highs the lowest of the lows, I have experienced them these past 12 months. For better or for worse??? only time will tell... To everyone that has supported me and continues to from the bottom of my heart I can do nothing but that u one thousand times over...for the ones who have distanced themselves from me and we no longer speak....i want to say thank u as well...people are in your lives for a reason or a season something like at yall kno wat i mean LOL...but i learn from every mistake that i have made...and to think that i graduated from high school...not many do that...and my own (father) sperm donor didnt show up...its nothin tho...never has really bn apart of my life...doesnt care rather spend his time and money on 19 year old females while chasing his dream of staying young...i dnt use this word but for his its a must..NIGGA PLEASE....git the fuck outta here man...and as much as I say i dnt care i do jus a little bit...but for the ppl that wrote me off and dnt do right by me...success is the ultimate revenge...i will succeed...but lemme git off his sorry ass and on to ppl who matter...mama i love u...without u there is no me literally...we bump heads all the time but hey u still love u much u r everything a person could want and need n a grandmother...u r there 4 me and vice versa...many ppl hate on r bond...and wat we got can nvr b im nervous not scared...finna start anew...a new journey new things man its get outta louisville (ima b an hour and a half away tho dnt cry LOL) to start new to do something wit my offense to anybody but i want bigger things outta life not the same o shit...i want chicken Parmesan not chicken noodles LOL feel me??? and most of all i wanna give all 8 of my brothers and sisters the life i never wake up and have everything...i wanna spoil them...fuck everything else...that is my motivation. My brothers and sisters I want them to have everything i never, clothes, candy, a big backyard man i want them to have it all...if i can do that then my life goal is accomplished...and to everyone that i hurt, I apologize (to 1 person in particular). I was young dumb and stupid but that still cannot excuse my behavior...If i was to turn back the hands of time i would to change everything i ever did to hurt u...(i kno thats played out but i had to use it again LOL) But i am a true believer in everything happens 4a reason and so i mean good luck with everything i hope we can b frenz but jus keep n touch wit me...u dun moved on and i am 2...

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