Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Place

Thank u jesus times 100! Really! Seriously. I am on a high I have never bn on. I am high off life. And only one person can take responsibility. The Man Above. I was n the pits. In the darkness. But now I am n the light. I see the light. Thank u jesus! I am so happy right now im floating on clouds. Really. I am not ashamed to tell ppl. Wen u get this happy no one or nothing can bring u down. I am serious. TO anybody thats going threw it pray...and wait...its not gone happen over night. It took me like a month to get where i am. I cant imagine my life any other way. Thanks! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY>...I gotta rub it in to everybody who wanted to c me unhappy FUCK YALL!!!! HA! I overcame....u can too....

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