Friday, March 20, 2009


A guy walks into a bar and orders two shots of Vodka. The bar tender says "had a tough day?" The man replied "yeah I found out my little brother is gay". The next day the same guy walks in to the bar again and this time orders 3 shots of Vodka. The bartender says "another bad day?" The man replied "yeah i just found out my older brother is gay". The next day the same man walks in the bar and this time orders 5 shots of Vodka. The bartender looked at him and said "Man doesn't anybody in your family like women. The man then replied "yeah, My wife"

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

True Story


Hip Hop embodies the “rags to riches” story. The narrative is typical: I grew up under very difficult circumstances, I stood out, I was special and now I “made it.” I now have enough money that I can take care of myself and my family, forever.
Most people in real life however, never “make it.” Life, for most people, is a constant struggle and is more about managing problems then one day reaching some obscure mountain top of happiness and problem-free (read: debt free) existence. I believe this is where Hip Hop has come up short. Rap music has been the soundtrack to my life in many respects and has provided me with inspiration through each stage of my life, but had I relied only on the messages contained in my favorite rap songs, I would be lost in the misconception that I can one day “make it” and would think all else is failure. The truth is life is about the details; waking up everyday, making it to work or school on time and doing everything with heart, soul and care. Rap music, and the “hustle” that every rapper claims to be their forte is about “getting in the door” or “closing the deal.” Such hustle is not enough in the real world. Care, diligence, paying attention to detail and doing everything right all the time is what it takes to live a productive life.
This same ethos is what drives hip hop’s friendships. Note, every rapper claims they would “die” or “kill” for their homey…but when it comes to the small stuff that actually counts on a day to day occurrence, they come up short. Rappers who have professed undying loyalty to one another in song after song, soon stop talking over contractual or business disputes. Think about how many of your friends have said “Dog, you know I’d do anything for you…” but can’t pick you up and give you a ride when you need them or come up short on the most mundane of requests. This is the same that the “huslter” mentality in Hip Hop has done to our youth’s concept of success: “Man, I stay grinding!” is the battle cry I hear all the time…my follow up question is: Well, how many hours have you spent in preparing for your test?
We can’t all be Lebron James or Jay-Z but many of us live each day like we are one “hustle” away from being them. It’s a fallacy that causes many 14, 15 and 16 year old young brothers and sisters that I mentor look me in the eyes and say “I don’t care, I’ma be ballin’ out of control…” in response to me telling them they are not going to graduate high school.
The reality is: You are not a “Boss” who will one day be driven in a Maybach basking in the respect you get from everyone, everywhere you go. Unless you work hard, seek guidance and make every day a fruitful progression, you will be another statistic making less than 25 grand a year with kids you cannot provide for and a future without hope.-TPAR

Monday, March 9, 2009

true story: first love

long time no post, right? lol not anything to really post about honestly but today was something to post about....if you know me you know that i love basketball, like literally. i'm always talkin, readin, watchin, or thinking about the game. every since i can remember basketball has been a part of my life...not a days goes by without me having some sort of contact with basketball..its just a fact of life...accept it lol...but as me, my brother, and my mother were watching vandy and auburns girls play, tia gibbs shot a 3. i immediately cheered and my brother replied, "that coulda been you,". To which my mother replied " I dont wanna talk about it, its a touchy subject,". That was the first time my mother admitted to me that she felt a certain kind of way about me not playing d1 college ball...i will admit like any other basketball player, everyone who has ever picked up a ball has dreams of playing their sport at the highest level possible, which is d1 and then (hopefully) the pros. I was just like every other kid....going into my senior year of high school basketball, i was told that the chances of me playing d1 ball were slim to none...i disagreed...the reason they gave me that reason was because i hadnt played a full season of high school ball. in fact my only year that i played an entire season was my senior year...freshman yr: immature sophomore year: i got into it with the new coach junior year: disciplinary that i look back on it, i promise i dont regret anything....i do wish i wouldnt have been such a knuckehead but i mean i dnt regret anything...i love my life going into my senior year i had exactly one d1 college lookin at me Eastern Michigan and the assistant coach emailed each other and i sent game film...about a third into the season they told me they didnt have any scholarships available...bummer...but i wasnt mad...i just felt like that wasnt where the Lord intended me to be at...every night before bed i got down on my knees and prayed to Lord that i would go to a d1 school. When the season began winding down and that possibility was slim, i just prayed that i got to go to a school to play basketball for FREE! i know people that have to take out massive loans for education! and i am blessed to be able to go to college for FREE because i have the ability to bounce the ball the right way! if thats not love idk wat is....and honestly i could have went the Juco route and i almost did but in the end my family was more important to me...i was going to go to a Juco in Illinois and after a year or two i could have played at a d1 school...but it was just too far me honestly...i love my family and the thought of only seeing them twice or three times a year scared the shit outta me...what if it was an emergency and im stuck out in the middle of nowhere? nun wasnt gonna cut it for after my senior year wraps and we lose to Holy Cross in the first round of regionals (yes i cried!) i took about a week off to focus on the next step of my life and where i wanted to continue my athletics and academic career....out of the 4 of us seniors only 2 of us was seriously inquiring about playing after high school...the other senior Q chose to go to UK and not play instead of going to a Juco in on the other hand went to a workout and mother didnt want me to go there...and hey i just wanted to play plus it was a black school (HBCU) and my granny loved that fact....i went to a workout and campus tour and i waited for a couple of weeks...and the best they could offer me was a preferred walk-on position...i waited for a couple of weeks before responding....all the while, a small catholic school i had never heard of was recruiting me catherine college...never in a million years would i think that i would be at SCC but i am....the coach called me txtd me everyday....finially i went down for a workout and i did great (considering i was out of shape...the last game i had played was my last high school game!) i filled out an application for admission...the next thing i know i am at my house signing papers to play for just so happened that it was SCC's first year of transition from a Juco to a four year school...they are NAIA Mid-South COnference....honestly i can say the game has been good to me...i really mean that...i have no bad feelings about the past or what happened because honestly i have matured alot as a person this last year and im so extremly proud of me lol....but on a real note...i wont be going back to SCC next year unless a drastic change of now i'll be attending Spalding University (shouts out to them they just won the USCAA National championship! look it up I am getting a degree in middle school teaching and Lord willing i'll also be helping out with Fairdale's girls baksetball team next year (shouts out to the whole team and Coach Price!) and playing for Spalding....Like i said the gmae has been good to me...I am truly blessed and grateful that the Lord blessed me with my abilites to play the game...and shouts out to all the Louisville Girls playing d1 ball this year: Tia Gibbs, Cierra Ricketts, Danielle Wilson, Danielle Woodmore, Thia Gholson...sorry if i forgot anybody...and another reason I cant be mad: everyone knows that i can hold my own on the court...just ask =]