Saturday, June 14, 2014

Life Update

Good afternoon all,

My apologies. I do not blog nearly as often as I used to, I will change that!  I have been going through a lot of changes in my life, some good and some bad, & I am grateful for them all. I am currently still in school working on my bachelors, I start a new job Monday, I am taking care of my beautiful daughter, & I am in a wonderful relationship with my future wife. Life is good. I am still in the Army National Guard, I play semi pro ball for the Louisville Fillies, and I am currently in the process of writing two books, one a memoir and another a collection of my poetry.  I will try to get them published but I will self publish if the need be! No shame in my game.  To keep with the latest, follow me on Instagram (@bfears) and Google Plus (B. Fears). As always thanks for reading, God bless.