Monday, December 22, 2008

Life Story

Yo...for a few weeks a have been thinking about my life and how crazy its been and it is...also i have been thinking about my journey and the journey thousands of other teens and other ppl like me have i have decided to write a book losely based on my life...i dont know if its going to be a memoir or what but i am writing a focus has been on that...i also want to develop a screenplay as well but i think i will write the book now my priorities are school, ball, book, music....of course God and family are also gonna be doing short documentaries and things like soon as a get my laptop its going to be so so freaking creative right now...the only thing thats holding me back is me not having a laptop...the laptop i want has to be perfect so i guess thats the hold up...i want to leave a lasting impact on society and i think that my life story has a chance to do that...not just that but i have a voice and it needs to be heard...maybe i can help other ppl that were like me....maybe...but ok

Charles Hamilton is the shhhhh.....

So basically I have fallen in love with this man...the pink lavalamp is my new favorite album and whenn his debut comes out on interscope i will buy 10 copies no lie...seriously, the struggle the joy triumph that the pink lavalamp takes its listeners on a ride that rivals that of any drug...charles is a musical genius he self produced the ENTIRE album...check out his blog and download the pink lavalamp...its legal and free. its his gift to us...sorry game...i think i found my new favorite're retired anyways lol...meanwhile enjoy the holidays and be safe...also im about to get on my youtube grind so look out for that its gonna be crazy yo!!!!

Hit Me Up

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Right Now

So right about now, im back at school finishing up the semester and whatnot...umm not a part of the bball team right now...might transfer or totally undecided right leaning towards staying here but i will re evaluate everything at the end of the year and will come to a decision around june or good right now...pj is getting big and he getting some color (LOL)...jr doing good in school er thang...i really dont know about the brothers and sisters on my 'fathers" side because my poor ass excuse for a dad is an asshole...yea thats pretty mean but its the truth...i could hurl more insults but im nice and mature...something he will never kno really just writing expressing my feelings and getting on with really chill right now...thats the best way to explain it...i will get a summer job and all that...i mean its stuff i gotta have ya know...and since i last wrote i have a significant other in my life at the we will see how that goes but its lookin good for us...i really dont get serious til we hit about 5 months so 2 down 3 to im good on my end...god is thankful for my family cuz without them i am NOTHING!!!!