Friday, January 30, 2009


its been a while since i have blogged but honestly i havent found much to blog about...ummm lets extremely pissed that jack frost hit KY and i have bn stuck at the catty for a WHOLE WEEK without shit to that thats off my chest....i have been like seriously sleepin alot...prolly becuz i dnt have anything else to do...but then it hit me...everyday when i close my eyes i go over the days events in my mind and these last few days i have been very upset becuz i couldnt find anything productive that i from now on I will try to do something productive each day...and i wrote down another list of things i want to accomplish in my life time...and next to that list ill have another list that will say what i did each day for that goal to come true...yeah i know...but baby steps ppl a somber note RIP to my Uncle Bob and to that family that got mudered at the hands of the husband in Cali...Whoa....and FREE gone..........

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