Monday, December 22, 2008

Life Story

Yo...for a few weeks a have been thinking about my life and how crazy its been and it is...also i have been thinking about my journey and the journey thousands of other teens and other ppl like me have i have decided to write a book losely based on my life...i dont know if its going to be a memoir or what but i am writing a focus has been on that...i also want to develop a screenplay as well but i think i will write the book now my priorities are school, ball, book, music....of course God and family are also gonna be doing short documentaries and things like soon as a get my laptop its going to be so so freaking creative right now...the only thing thats holding me back is me not having a laptop...the laptop i want has to be perfect so i guess thats the hold up...i want to leave a lasting impact on society and i think that my life story has a chance to do that...not just that but i have a voice and it needs to be heard...maybe i can help other ppl that were like me....maybe...but ok

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