Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter to my "father"

Dear Mr. Fears,

Hey. How are you? I wouldn't know, since you refuse to keep in contact with your eldest child. But i dont blame you. I mean your just doing what society expects of you right? Like taking care of children is too much for you, huh? haha. Its okay. You are a grown ass man. Yet, you act childish. I text you, you don't text back. I call you & you don't answer. & don't use the tired excuse that your phone is broke, or you didn't get the message. Cuz I'll text or call you from a different number & you'll answer the phone. I just hang up. I don't wanna hear your voice. I just wanted some money, honestly. Ill be honest. I tried the whole father-daughter thing with you, & it just didn't work. I mean you FORGOT my birthday. Like really? No call. I couldn't even get a card. No happy birthday text! It would have taken a measly 10 seconds to send me a Happy Birthday text to my phone. But you didn't. On June 8th 2009, for 24 whole hours you were too busy to recognize the day I was born. Your birthday was in July. I wasnt gonna text you either, but two wrongs don't make a right, so i texted you. A couple weeks after that, I texted you & told you my situation. School was next month, & i asked you to contribute some monetary funds. You said sure I got you. I mean its the least you could do. My mother did everything for me last year. You didn't come to my high school graduation or send me off to college. But you want respect? ha! come on now. lets get real. school starts in two weeks. i still havent heard from you. But I bet you have plenty of money to take your little girlfriends to the movies. She is legal right? & you can support another man's kids but not your own. You were in the hospital every time this little baby was sick, but you cant acknowledge me? wow. what did i do wrong. yes you were young when i was born, i understand. but a real MAN accepts his responsibilities & steps up to the plate. & that sir, is something you will never be. I am not angry or upset at all. I'm honestly more hurt than anything. because you made me another statistic. Thanks, "dad"


  1. i looooooooove this. so so true. i never met my real father neither. although everyone else could come see me not him, never. i feel u tho. no reason to be angry.. :D nice writing though!

  2. this is soooooo rite your daddy
    sound's like mines !!!
    i feel the same way let's qo on a
    riot an kick all the dead beat
    daddys asses !!!!!!

  3. Wow girl this is deep. I totally feel you on that. My dad was absent too. But I'll continue to show that sucker what a good thing he missed out on. When he see's my name everywhere he goes, he feel it. Keep doing your thing. Its the best way to get back at them.

  4. thanks so much for the comments everyone. it means alot. & im with you sasha! lol. & i feel the same way nicki. One day he will wish he was there & he will see what he missed out on!

  5. Thanks for following my blog! I started reading yours and and across this...deep...hearfelt...the raw emotions came through.

    My father was an asshole too. See, his grandfather abandoned his father. His father abandoned him. And my father walked out on two wives and kids.

    I'm older than you so listen. You will be sad at first, then rage with anger and resentment. And one day you will realize your father is only human and all humans are flawed. And you will forgive. You will realize it is his loss to miss out on the beauty of your being. You will get there!

  6. Wow...this is deep. I don't understand why men can't own up to their responsibilities and do the right thing. I'm thankful for my father because he's one of the few that actually stuck around and as a man I would NEVER abandon my child. The relationship with the mother doesn't matter because in the end he/she would still be MY child and MY responsibility.


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