Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Hair

After watching this, ( me & my cousin talked about what is Good Hair. Me myself, rock a natural hair do, I have dread locks. It was a long time before I came to the conclusion that i wanted dreadlocks. I always wanted to be different, & not conform, so i decided I wanted to go natural. Not to brag, but i have a decent grade of hair, & i was able to pull the look off. It was my mother who thought dread locks would work for me. "you're always on the go," she said. "it would be a perfect look for you." So i decided to get dreadlocks. I have had dreadlocks since February 16th 2008. At first I liked them, then I hated them, then I started to love them. They are different & unique & alot of people don't have the guts to pull it off. Some people think good hair, is straight permed hair. Others think it is, curly natural hair. Does good hair determine if you are cute or not? What are your thoughts on good hair?

& I cant wait to see this movie in theaters.


  1. i think as long as a girl HAS hair its cute 2 me lol but i think its really hard 4 a girl 2 pull off a fade but ive seen a few that was sexy as hel with fades but they have 2 have like big sexy faces lol like eyes and lips have 2 b big and flashy 2 me.

  2. amber rose & solange have fades. do they pull it off?


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