Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kentucky Politics = Racist

Man to be honest, I already knew Kentucky was racist. Back when I got followed in stores in the mall, back when I wore an Obama shirt on my college campus (St. Catharine) and got evil stares, back when I didn't know anything else. The shit has hit the fan man!

Personal opinions aside, everything I am stating is fact. Look it up on the Courier-Journal. Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer used taxpayers money ($1,576) to stay in a hotel that was a few miles away from his house.

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Judy Green is under fire for hiring her husband, & relatives for a summer cleaning job. She has clearly stated multiple times no one was NOT hired because her relatives WERE hired. The Ethics committee also stated that while no laws were broken her choices were "unethical".

Definition of unethical ( not conforming to approved standards of social or professional behavior. So unethical is a loosely based definition.

In my humble opinion, Dr. Green did what any other person would have done, the same thing we as people are taught from the very foundation of our lives, to look out for our family

I know the reason Dr. Green is getting the butt of the criticism. It's simple really. It's because of her race & I dare anyone to tell me any differently.

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