Thursday, March 11, 2010

Car Crash

I really honestly think when I leave this Earth, it'll be in the form of a car cash.
All the time I have visions of my demise in a crash.
It got to a point where I would be nervous just to get into a car.
Its like that too now, but not as much.
I can drive and be a passenger but I still see visions almost all the time I'm in a car.
This is weird.
Anyone else have these types of visions/thoughts?


  1. I can understand that...I always have visions of myself dying in a plane crash. I really really REALLY hate flying

  2. i get nervous on planes as well. im getting a little better, but i still cant go to sleep on a plane.

  3. i definitely understand that..
    but about the pics on the side.. i think it just has to do w/ the template.. :)

  4. I dont really have visions about how I'm going to die..more or less I just pray that it's quick and painless


I appreciate your comment. Thanks =]