Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Season is Here!!!

Whats up world? I knw i havent bn updating n a while and i apologize...ummm well the season officially starts monday with a game at lindsey wilson of right now i do not knw if i will b playing because i have bn suspended but my status is up n the air as as right now. My new little one is doing great gettin bigger and he is healthy. I was a little down and out yesterday because of the simple fact is that I expect so much from myself and I am not performing up to my abilities. I just want to win every game and b perfect but I kno there is no such thing as perfect but i still wish to achieve that. I am focusing on just working hard each day to get better. I am gonna start a new section on the website where every Monday i ask a question from a fan.. please submit ur questions to n the subject put question of the week... i promise i will answer each and every one...also how about Rajon last night? missed a couple of free throws but over all he had a good game...also my heart goes out to J. Hudson and her family in their time of need..well thats all for u all...god bless

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